Grasshopper with Arduino

Arduino is the revolutionary microcontroller that simplify the creation of interactive prototypes using sensors and actuators..
This workshop is focused in learning how is it possible to implement electronics device with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.
I will be able to extend the power of our favorite CAD tools:
– using sensors to collect data from the environment;
– communicate with actuators and robots;
– read and exchange data in real time, whether local or cloud;
– interact with electronic devices like game controllers and webcams;
– controlling and simulating complex processes in a more realistic way.
These new technologies allow us to create a bridge between virtuality of CAD tools and the physicality of the world that surround us, in full agreement with the recent developments of the Internet of Things.
We can finally create interactive prototypes to test both the geometry and the interaction with objects, creating a link between design, systems engineering and interaction design.

During the course, we will be treated with a series of examples the following topics:
– Internet of Things: contexts and scenarios;
– main sensors and methods of use;
– use of the Arduino microcontroller;
– communication protocols (UDP, OSC, Serial);
– responsive objects;
– formatting and data interchange (scv, excel, json);
– GIS data reading;
– communication with SQL and cloud services database.
The complete program of the course will be available soon.

Requirements: The course requires a knowledge of the main features of the Rhinoceros, and in particular of Grasshopper.

Time to complete all the activities: 16 hours.

If you’ve never used before, perhaps you will be interested to visit the course dedicated to Grasshopper page.


Paolo Cappelletto is ART (Authorized Rhino Trainer) and may issue, on the basis of participation and the results achieved at the end of the course, an attendance certificate that certifies software knowledge.

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