IoT: trasforming the way we think at CAD solutions.

There’s a lot of buzz and media coverage about the Internet of Things, or Iot. This new catchphrase has generated a lot of speculations, but for whom are outside the “nerdy-side-of-things”, we can say that with “Internet of Things” we intend a network of smart and connected products. Smart because they contain software, sensors and processors to collect data from their environments, and connected because they can send and receive data via the internet, wired or wirelessly.
The most quoted study about the impact of IoT is the Report Nov. 10, 2015 from Gartner, according to we will reach the number of 20.8 billions of connected objects in the world (which is monstre!).

So, could we think that this ongoing transformation will keep the design system as it is right now?
First of all, designers have to start thinking about product development with connectivity from the start, and inevitably, this will guide us to blur the borders that now divide our work from that of engineers and software developers.
This will bring us to the need of a new generation of CAD solutions, capable to manage data and connectivity inside our model and to simulate object’s behaviour inside an high-fidelty digital mock-up. We don’t need only to develop the prototype of the geometry of our objects, but also their interactions, and we will need to do all of this quickly, very quickly.
Large enterprises have already recognized the market that will develop around IoT: PTC is the most heavily IoT-invested CAD software developer, having acquired Thinkworx and Axeda between 2014 and 2015, two developers of technology that supports connected products. Autodesk, Siemens PLM Software and Dassault Systemes and other CAD developers have their eyes on market as well. McNeel Rhinoceros can count on the abilities of a new generation of designers and coders that are constantly adding new pieces of code, enabling inside the software, new ways to comunicate with electronic devices and database.
This is a totally new era, where create new products will be (it is already now) full of challenges. Embrace the Internet of Things and start create

If you are interested in learning more about using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper to build and test prototypes of solutions and related objects, visit the Rhinuino workshop page.