This course will focus on learning to use Grasshopper, the visual programming editor for advanced geometry that beats inside Rhinoceros.
It offers the opportunity to define new ways to control and edit geometry via parametric attributes, it allows you to explore generative design workflow and create custom tools for modeling and project management. Visual programming is a way of working that allows the creation of algorithms through the manipulation of dedicated graphic elements and substantially without using written syntax, but Grasshopper is also a robust platform for users who own or are willing to acquire or applied their knowledge with programming by writing code in C #, Python, and Visual Basic.

The topics and duration of this course can be fully customized based on the demands and objectives of the participants.

Part 1. Introduction to parametric modeling;
Part 2. Interface;
Part 3. Anatomy of a visual definition;
Part 4. Introduction to mathematical functions and data;
Part 5. Curves and surfaces with Grasshopper;
Part 6. Parametric transformations;
Part 7. Data matching and advanced management of lists and Data-Tree;
Part 8. Installation of Add-on and use of FoodForRhino;
Part 9. Mesh and WeaveBird;
Part 10. Smoothness and subdivision surfaces.

Requirements: this course requires a good knowledge of Rhinoceros 5 (is recommended at least Level 1).

Duration (suggested): 36 hours.

Maximum number of participants to the custom course: 3.


You can download the following software:
– trial version of Rhinoceros 5;
– latest version of Grasshopper for Rhinoceros 5;
– the full version of Weavebird for Rhinoceros 5;
– other resources and plug-in FoodForRhino.
It’s better to install the software at least 10 days before the course.


Paolo Cappelletto is ART (Authorized Rhino Trainer) and may issue, on the basis of participation and the results achieved at the end of the course, an attendance certificate that certifies software knowledge.

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