About me

Paolo Cappelletto, a.k.a. flecheria, is an italian industrial designer.

I work mainly as concept designer and product developer combining advanced 3D modelling, computational techniques, artisan knowledge and emerging technologies (additive manufacturing, Data Driven Design and Internet of Things). With a strong background on cognitive psychology, I’m passionate about the use of social science’s research methods to put people at the center of the design process.

As educator, I regularly spend time to organize workshops and courses about design methodology, project management and rapid product prototyping, merging together 3D printing, electronics, sensors and cloud services.

I’m member of ADIFER, Association of Business and Professional for Training and Research.
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Authorized Rhino Trainer e Inventor Certified Professional, I’m available to teach e organize customized courses for companies and professionals focused on software as Rhinoceros©, Grasshopper©, Rhinoscript©, RhinoPython© e Autodesk Inventor©.

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Contacts: info@flecheria.it

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